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AY Software Services is a technical consulting company offering specialised services for the video game, and other software businesses.  We can address your development problems, large or small, providing cost effective, timely solutions.  We do this by maintaining a sizeable roster of top-talent, all of whom have experience delivering top-10 products in leading positions.

We specialise in solving the many varied technical aspects of development and production.  We are able to provide services including: technical direction, troubleshooting, high performance engine development, technical review and development process restructuring.

Technical Direction is the most important part of any project to get right.  It is the conduit between the disciplines involved on the project.  For the non-engineering staff, the technical director will ensure that they are able to use and understand the technology most effectively to achieve their own best work.  For the engineering staff, the director will inspire and drive the team to produce exceedingly high quality output, in the most timely manner possible.

Troubleshooting is an area that we particularly enjoy; we like to think of it as ‘solving the impossible’.  Nearly all commercial projects run into some form of unforeseen problems, from unexpected staff departures, unmanageable bug-lists, to failure to meet performance targets.  We pride ourselves on our process to rapidly understand complex code-bases and then provide timely patches to allow product to ship.  If you think you see smoke on your project, then please contact us straight away for a free consultation before there’s a fire.

Engine Development is the foundation of a good software product, the more data an engine can shift, the higher quality user experience you’re able to provide.  We have experience on all the major games hardware of the last 20 years, and know how to drive maximum performance from it in as flexible a manner as possible.  We have considerable experience with graphics engine work, as well as physics and AI systems.

Technical Review is a service that we are able to offer publishers, and other business stake-holders.  We will appraise your project at any stage in its development, and produce a report showing how that project sits in terms of its ability to meet its stated goals.  This work is typically commissioned after the team’s production of the Technical Design Document, and prior to development.  But we are happy to appraise at any time to provide a second opinion on project feasibility.

Development Restructuring is the art of setting out formal development process for projects, or studio wide development.  As modern projects are getting larger, development process needs to become more rigorous in order to manage the growing number of people involved.  We have specialists in development methodologies, from agile to disciplined, and like to tailor the most appropriate solution to the needs at hand.

If you would like to know more, or feel ready to book your free consultation, then please contact us.